Paloma Pilar Duffy Age, Birthday, Net Worth, Parents, Siblings

Paloma Pilar Duffy is the daughter of Sean Duffy and Rachel Campos-Duffy, both of whom are wealthy and successful individuals. Sean Duffy has a net worth of $100,000 from his career as an attorney, television personality, and former politician. Rachel Campos-Duffy has a net worth of $500,000.00 from her career as a television personality and co-hosting chat shows on various channels.

Paloma Pilar Duffy Biography Profile:

NamePaloma Pilar Duffy
Date of Birth May 18, 2008
Birth PlaceUnited States
Age (as of 2023)15 Year
ProfessionCelebrity Kid
Home Town/StateUnited States
Educational Qualification
Marital StatusUnmeried

Early Life and Education

Paloma Pilar Duffy was born in the United States on May 18, 2008. Paloma Pilar Duffy is an American celebrity kid famously known for being one of the daughters of Sean Duffy and Rachel Campos-Duffy.

Family Background

Father NameSean Duffy
Mother NameRachel Campos-Duffy
Brother(s)Xavier Jack, John-Paul, and Patrick 
 sistersEvita, Lucia, Maria, Margarita, and Valentina

Paloma Pilar Duffy is the oldest of eight siblings, with five sisters and three brothers in her family. One of her sisters, Valentina, has Down syndrome. The siblings share a close bond and enjoy spending time together, as seen in a family photo taken on the day of her older sister Evita’s graduation..

Physical Stats and More:

Height (Aprox.)in centimeters- 48 cm (Birth Time)
Weight (Aprox.)in Kilograms- 2.94 kg (Birth Time)
6.48 lbs (Birth Time)
Body Type Slim
Eye ColorBrown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Hair LengthMedium (reaches slightly below her shoulders)

Paloma Pilar Duffy’s social media handles

Social Media PlatformHandle/Username
Facebook PageN/A

10 Infesting Fact about Paloma Pilar Duffy:

  • Paloma Pilar Duffy is the fifth child and second daughter of American television personality Rachel Campos-Duffy and American politician, former sports commentator, television personality, and prosecutor Sean Duffy.
  • Paloma is the second daughter and fifth child of Sean Duffy, an American politician and former sports commentator, and Rachel Campos-Duffy, an American television personality.
  • Rachel Campos-Duffy and Sean Duffy are the parents of Paloma Pilar Duffy, who is their fifth child and second daughter.
  • She has eight siblings, five sisters, and three brothers. Her youngest sister Valentina has Down syndrome.
  • Her father Sean Duffy has a net worth of 100 thousand dollars.
  • Paloma’s parents got married on April 10, 1999, after meeting on the set of the reality show ‘Road Rules: All-Stars.”
  • Paloma is often seen with her father in his workplace and baking with him in the kitchen. 7. Rachel Campos-Duffy, Paloma’s mother, announced that she was expecting her fifth child in December 2007.
  • Paloma was welcomed home by her four siblings and father with pink balloons, and her mother welcomed her with a bunch of pink roses.
  • Paloma was excited for her first day of school and was photographed with her sister MariV on their first day in a new class.
  • Rachel Campos-Duffy thinks that having lots of kids is beneficial as they learn to be cooperative and help and support each other, and they do not feel entitled.

Who is Paloma Pilar Duffy?

Paloma Pilar Duffy is the daughter of Sean Duffy and Rachel Campos-Duffy, both of whom are well-known personalities in American politics and media. She was born on May 18, 2008, and is the fifth child and second daughter of her parents.

How many children does Rachel Campos Duffy have and what are their names?

Rachel Campos Duffy has nine children with her husband Sean Duffy. Their names are Evita Pilar, Xavier Jack, Lucia-Belen, John-Paul, Paloma Pilar, MariaVictoria Margarita, Patrick Miguel, Valentina StellaMaris, and Margarita Pilar

What is Paloma Pilar Duffy’s nationality and ethnicity?

Paloma Pilar Duffy is an American citizen by birth. She has a mixed ethnic background, as her father is of Irish descent and her mother is of Mexican descent.

What is Paloma Pilar Duffy’s zodiac sign and personality traits?

Paloma Pilar Duffy’s zodiac sign is Taurus, as she was born on May 18. According to astrology, some of the personality traits of Taurus people are loyal, reliable, practical, patient, stable, and sensual. However, these traits may not necessarily apply to Paloma Pilar Duffy, as they are based on generalizations and not on individual characteristics.

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