Tricia Asselin: The Heroic Victim of Maine Mass Shooting Who Tried to Call 911

Tricia Asselin was among the 18 people who lost their lives in the horrific mass shooting that took place in Lewiston, Maine, on Wednesday night, October 25, 2023. The 53-year-old was a part-time employee at Just-in-Time Recreation, a bowling alley where seven people were killed by the gunman, who is still at large. Asselin was the only woman killed at the bowling venue.

According to her family and friends, Asselin was a kind and caring person who would do anything for anyone. She was a devoted mother of two sons and a grandmother of four. She loved her job at the bowling alley, where she had worked for over 10 years. She was also an avid collector of vintage dolls and enjoyed travelling.

But what makes Asselin’s story even more tragic and heroic is that she died while trying to call for help during the deadly shooting. According to her brother, who asked not to be named, Asselin was dialing 911 when she was shot by the gunman. He said that she was trying to save herself and others by alerting the authorities.

“It’s very emotional, but Tricia is the type of person who would have done anything for children and anybody,” her mother, Alicia Lachance, told Rolling Stone. “She died a hero.”

Asselin’s death has left a deep impact on her family, friends and co-workers, who are mourning her loss and remembering her legacy. Her brother said that she was his best friend and that he will miss her terribly. Her co-workers said that she was a joy to work with and that she always had a smile on her face. Her sons said that she was their rock and their inspiration.

“She was the best mom anyone could ask for,” her son Ryan Asselin wrote on Facebook. “She always put us first no matter what. She taught us how to be strong and independent. She always supported us in everything we did.”

Asselin’s funeral will be held on Saturday, October 28, at St. Mary’s Church in Lewiston. Her family has set up a GoFundMe page to help with the funeral expenses and to support her grandchildren.

Asselin’s death is one of the many tragedies that resulted from the Maine mass shooting, which is the largest mass shooting of 2023 so far. The shooting occurred at two locations: Just-in-Time Recreation and Schemengees Bar & Grill, a restaurant where eight people were killed in the billiards room. An additional three victims died at the hospital, authorities said.

The motive behind the shooting is still unknown, and the suspect, Robert Card, 40, remains at large. He is considered armed and dangerous, and law enforcement is still searching for him.

The Maine mass shooting has shocked and saddened the nation, and has reignited the debate over gun violence and gun control in the US. So far this year, the US has witnessed the second-highest number on record of mass killings to this point in a single year. Only 2019 had more mass killings.

As the investigation continues and the grieving process begins, many people are wondering how such a senseless act of violence could happen in their community. They are also honoring the victims like Tricia Asselin, who showed courage and compassion in the face of danger.

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