Who is Robert J. Gullia? 32-year-old son arrested for father’s murder

Robert J. Gullia is a 32-year-old man who is accused of killing his father, Robert J. Gullia Sr., at their home in Solon, Ohio. Here is a full attractive article about him and his alleged crime.

Robert J. Gullia: A Son Who Murdered His Father

Robert J. Gullia is a son who allegedly murdered his father in a brutal attack at their home in Solon, Ohio. He is currently behind bars, facing charges of aggravated murder, felonious assault, and domestic violence.

According to the news article , the incident happened on Wednesday, November 22, 2023, around 11 a.m. The Solon police responded to a report of a man who was not breathing at a home in the 34700 block of Sherwood Drive. When they arrived, they found Robert J. Gullia Sr., 64, lying on the floor with severe head injuries. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The police also found Robert J. Gullia Jr., 32, at the home, covered in blood. He was arrested and taken to the Solon City Jail. The police said that he had attacked his father with an object, but did not specify what it was. They also said that the motive for the attack was unknown, and that they were still investigating the case.

The police said that they had no prior records of domestic violence or disturbances at the home, and that they were shocked by the incident. They said that the father and son lived together, and that the father was a retired engineer who had worked for NASA. They also said that the son had a history of mental health issues, and that he had been hospitalized several times.

The police said that they were in contact with the family members of the victim, and that they were offering them support and assistance. They also said that they were working with the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office to determine the exact cause and manner of death.

Robert J. Gullia Jr. was arraigned on Friday, November 24, 2023, at the Bedford Municipal Court. He pleaded not guilty to the charges, and was ordered to be held without bond. He was also appointed a public defender, who declined to comment on the case.

Robert J. Gullia Jr. is a son who allegedly murdered his father in a senseless and violent act. He is a suspect who faces a possible life sentence without parole. He is a tragedy that has shaken the community and the family. He is Robert J. Gullia, and he will have to face the consequences of his actions.

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  1. Knowing the fmaily well as friends and neighbrs my thoughts and prayers are with them.I have no idea what went on in that house that night so it is not for me to comment on what happened. When RJ was a little boy Ted would bring him across the street to visit my late brother Rick who was a quadriplegic, RJ was always nice and polite to my brother. And when he found ot in September 2021 that Rick had passed he came over to the house to ffer condolences prayers and hugs. I pray that God keep them all in his care as he has already welcomed Ted onto his heavenly kingdom with loving and open arms Anne, Ben abd Claire, my thoughts and prayers are with you


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