Who was Helen Francis, Trevor Francis’ wife?

Helen Francis was the wife of Trevor Francis, the legendary footballer who died of a heart attack at the age of 69 on Monday. She was his lifelong partner, supporter, and friend, who stood by him through his highs and lows in his career and personal life. She passed away in April 2017 after battling cancer, leaving behind a huge void in his heart.

Helen and Trevor met when they were teenagers in Birmingham, where they both grew up. They fell in love and got married in 1974, when Trevor was playing for Birmingham City. They had two sons, James and Matthew, who also followed their father into football. Helen was a devoted wife and mother, who sacrificed her own ambitions to support Trevor’s dreams.

She travelled with him wherever he went, from Nottingham Forest to Manchester City, from Italy to Scotland, from QPR to Sheffield Wednesday. She was his biggest fan and his confidante, who helped him cope with the pressure and the fame of being Britain’s first million-pound player and a European Cup winner.

She also shared his joys and sorrows, such as winning trophies and scoring goals, as well as suffering injuries and losing matches. She was always there for him, cheering him on from the stands or comforting him at home.

Helen was also a beautiful and elegant woman, who had a great sense of style and grace. She was often seen accompanying Trevor at various events and functions, where they made a striking couple. She was also a kind and generous person, who cared for others and supported various charitable causes.

Helen was diagnosed with cancer in 2015, and underwent chemotherapy and surgery. She fought bravely against the disease, but sadly succumbed to it in 2017. She died peacefully at their home in Solihull, surrounded by her family.

Trevor was devastated by her death, and said that he couldn’t have done anything without her. He said that she was his best friend and his soulmate, and that he missed her terribly. He also said that he was grateful for the 43 years they had together, and that he would always cherish their memories.

Helen Francis was a remarkable woman, who lived a full and happy life with her husband and sons. She was an inspiration to many, and a source of love and strength to Trevor. She will always be remembered as his wife, his partner, and his angel.


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  1. This is completely untrue! Neither Trevor or Helen were born in Birmingham.
    They met on a holiday in Spain in 1972!


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