Malav Talav (lake) Dholka, History, Construction

If you want to see justice, look at Malav Talav (lake)’, you all must have heard this saying.  This Malav lake was built by Minaldevi, mother of Siddharaj Jaysingh.  Today in these articles we will get detailed information about the history of Malav Lake in Dholka from which this saying is derived.

Malav talav history

 Minal Devi, the mother of the great king of Solanki dynasty, Siddharaj Jaysingh, was very active in civil service, she had built many ponds, wells and lakes in different regions of Gujarat for the well-being of the people.  One such lake is Malav Lake in Dholka city.  This Malav Talav (lake) is the contribution of Rajmata Minaldevi.  Which is very popular for justice.

 When Rajmata Minal Devi was constructing Malav Talav (lake) in Dholka, there was a poor woman’s hut on the bank of this lake.  If this shack was not moved, the roundness of the pond would not be correct.  It does not look good to make a groove in such huge pond built with very big expenses, so she asked the lady to give the price as much as she demanded in exchange for the hut, but she was so attached to the house that she was not ready to leave the house at any cost.  Even after much persuasion, this lady was not ready to give her house.

 If Rajmata had decided, she could have vacated the hut by force of her power. But she allowed that hut to remain there due to which even today there is a groove in this lake.  Such was the love for justice of Rajmata Minaldevi!  That is why it is said that if you want to see justice, look at Malav Talav (lake)!  And perhaps it is because of this love for justice that today we remember Raj Mata Minal Devi and this magnificent Malav Talav (lake) built by her.

 Construction of Malav Talav (lake):-

 Among the beautiful lakes of Gujarat, Malav Lake’s construction, art carving is at the top.  This lake was believed to have been built around 1050 AD.  The area of ​​this lake is 46 acres and diameter is 400 yards.  Its construction is similar to the Sahastralinga of Patan and Munsar Lake of Viramgam.

The lake is surrounded by stone piers and steps.  This lake is believed to have four ovaras and deris on it.  A vihar bungalow is located in the middle of the lake.  It appears from the present remains that a small temple may have once there.  A stone bridge is built to reach this vihar bungalow.  The walls on both sides of the ovara or ghat are carved with sculptures of Dasavatar and Navagraha.

A rudrakund has been constructed near the lake in the way of water coming from the lake.  Its diameter is about 8 yards.  On the four sides of this kund, 11 Rudras have been carved out of stone.  When the Rudrakund fills up to the mouth of the Rudras, the lake is completely filled. From the remains of the construction of the lake, the Vihar Bungalow in the middle of the lake suggests a temple. 

Malav Talav (lake) Dhlolka
Malav Talav (lake) Dhlolka

During the construction of this lake, care has been taken that no matter how much water the lake fills, the way to the Vihar Bungalow (temple) in the middle of the lake remains empty.  Thus the Malav Lake is a great reservoir built by the original Hindus and its multi-angled structure does not seem to have any fault.

There is a popular legend that a groove was made in the lake during the construction of the lake because a poor woman had a house.  But currently no such construction is known there.  But if excavations are done here by the Archeology Department of India, then certain evidence can be found in this regard.  This lake also seems to have been renovated.  It is believed that the

Who built malav talav?

Malav Talav (lake) is the contribution of Rajmata Minaldevi.  Which is very popular for justice.

Where is malav talav located?

Malav talav located in Dholka Gujarat

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