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How are you all? do you like to travel? If you love to travel a lot and are planning to go somewhere for a day then check out the Mahal Campsite at Ahwa in Dang. Its an adventure based place with full of natural beauty. It will definitely be fun. Once you visit this place full of natural beauty, you will want to go there again and again. So let’s go visit the Mahal campsite!!!

Mahal campsite Dang Information

LocationAhwa, Dang district, Gujarat, India
Distance24 km from Ahwa
AccommodationTree houses, huts, and tented accommodations with separate bathing and toilet facilities
FacilitiesOrientation center, kitchen, dining area, nature trail, campfire area, two-storey machaans for wildlife viewing
Best time to visitOctober to March
ActivitiesWalking, trekking, birdwatching
Nearby attractionsPurna Wildlife Sanctuary, Girmar Falls, Mayadevi Temple and Waterfall
TipsVisit the orientation center first, use electricity responsibly, no smoking or flash photography, no pets
Contact informationOfficial website: https://mahalcampsite.com/

This place is located in our Dang district. As soon as you hear the name of Dang district nestled in the lap of the Sahyadri mountain range, you can imagine green forests, winding winding roads, valleys that make the heart skip a beat when the car passes by, and valleys that give a sense of joy, gushing white milky springs and waterfalls, tall hills that speak to the sky. The scene stands before the eyes.

Mahal village is 24 km away from Ahwa. Also 1.5km away from the Mahal village. This forest area declared protected forest for animal safety by forest department. Various kinds of animal live including tiger as well, It’s a nice place for tourist where facility of tree house, campfire, huts available for accomdation, Which is managed by forest department.

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How to reach?

  • By air:- Gujarat : Surat, Vadodara Maharashtra : Nasik
  • By train:- Nearest Major Railway Station : Surat
  • By road:-Ahmedabad: 363 km Surat: 122 km

The Mahal Eco Campsite is bestowed with rivers and bamboo glides, with excellent walking and trekking options. It is located on the banks of the Purna River, in the middle of the Purna Wildlife Sanctuary and is a part of the Dang Forest Division North. It is surrounded by a vast & rich forest laced with the Purna & Gira rivers. For an eco-tourist wanting to enjoy birds of moist deciduous forest mixed with bamboo, this is the best place to visit. It’s also near the Girmar Falls which offers a breathtaking view. Best time to visit the campsite is from October to March.

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Mahal campsite
Mahal campsite

From the beginning of the first monsoon rains, people start gathering here. Mostly tourists from nearby districts like Surat, Tapi, Navsari come here in maximum quantity. It is no exaggeration to say that Mahal Campsite is not only a tourist spot but also a sacred place in the lap of nature. A person who is tired of the hectic life, comes to this place which is in the lap of nature, and the water becomes light. If you have made a two or three day tour program, stay overnight at Mahal Campsite. Only then will you get an idea of ​​the real wildlife. This is usually where some network comes in. So you will be completely free from the hassle of mobile even for one day. In the canteen here you will get very good and delicious Dangi food, tea, snacks etc. You will also get excellent accommodation facilities.


  • Orientation Centre
  • 4 AC Cottages with attached bath & toilet facilities
  • Tented Accomodations with separate bathing & toilet facilities
  • Separate Kitchen & Dining places
  • Nature Trail
  • Separate area for Campfire
  • Beautiful two storey Machaans for landscape & wildlife viewing
  • Can also have a night trail accompanied by a guide

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  • Being a responsible nature lover is our way of showing reverence to Mother Earth, a few tips for you to remember –
  • Make sure to visit the orientation centre first before you start exploring the campsite as that would give a good picture of what you are about to experience during your stay.
  • Most of these Eco Campsites use electricity which is generated by using solar energy, hence please use it responsibly.
  • No smoking whatsoever (cigarette butts cause many forest fires).
  • No flash or intrusive photography (for example, don’t pluck leaves to clear a better view; reposition the camera instead).
  • Do not carry any music system or sound making device along with you and remember to keep them switched off if you are driving around.
  • Picking plants or insects is prohibited in any area; do not remove anything from the parks or sanctuaries.
  • Do not indulge in any quick or sudden movements to scare off wildlife.
  • Do not try going too close to the animals.
  • No pets should accompany you.
  • No littering. Trash is only to be disposed of in proper receptacles.
  • No hunting devices or other weapons should be carried, as well as used.

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Need to take care of:-

If you really want to enjoy this place then monsoon is the best season. But if it’s too heavy rain then avoid to go there. Even the government itself keeps this place closed during heavy rain as there is a big risk to move at this place. fore more information about Mahal campsite please visit official website https://mahalcampsite.com/

What is Mahal Campsite?

Mahal Campsite is an eco-tourism destination located in Gujarat’s Dang district. Surrounded by lush forests and rivers, it offers accommodation options such as tree houses and huts managed by the forest department.

What are some facilities available at Mahal Campsite?

Mahal Campsite features an orientation center, AC cottages with attached bathrooms, tented accommodations with separate bathing and toilet facilities, a separate kitchen/dining area, nature trail, campfire area, beautiful two-storey machaans for landscape and wildlife viewing as well as the option for night hikes accompanied by an experienced guide.

What are some tips for visiting Mahal Campsite?

For the best experience at Mahal Campsite, start by visiting the orientation center first and use electricity responsibly; avoid smoking and flash photography that might intrusive, pick plants or insects, avoid going too close to animals, bring no pets or hunting devices and don’t litter. Furthermore, it is recommended that visitors visit during monsoon season for optimal weather conditions.

How can one reach Mahal Campsite?

You can access Mahal Campsite via air via Surat or Vadodara in Gujarat or Nasik in Maharashtra, by train via Surat’s nearest major railway station, and by road via Ahmedabad or Surat. Located 24km away from Ahwa and 1.5 km from Mahal village, Mahal Campsite can be easily accessed.

Written by:- Mrs. Snehal Rajan Jani

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