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Mayadevi Temple and Waterfall:- Hello friends, this blog informs us about the tourist destinations worth visiting from time to time. In the same way, it is very close to Bhenskatari, the last village of Tapi district, which is surrounded by dense forests rich in natural resources, but its origin is in Waghai taluka of Dang district. We are going to talk about Mayadevi Temple and Falls, a very beautiful tourist destination.

To get to this place, if you are coming from Surat, you can go from Vyara to Bhenskatari Road. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. Your journey will be in vain if you miss the beautiful scenery of the surrounding environment and the beauty of nature that has blossomed in the sixteen arts while the road is winding through the lush dense forests.

This road leads to an open space at a bend near Ambapani. At this place, people stand and enjoy the flow of the river Purna and the beauty of the forest on the opposite bank. If the beauty of the river bank can be easily photographed here, many people will be seen doing photography here.

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Kakarda, a small village on the north bank of the river Purna, is located to the south of Bhenskatari village. There is a cave-temple of 5 Maniya Mayadevi in ​​the rocks of Purna river, where one can pass through the flow of water. This place has a lot of religious significance among the locals. Here in the Purna river, it flows from the Kutti canal made of 5th, which is spectacular. It looks like the river goes straight into the canal. This place is located at a distance of about 3 kilometers from Bhenskatari on the state highway from Vyara to Ahwa.

Near this place is a Shiva temple named Rameshwar Mahadev and with it a Hanuman temple. There is a garden in front of the temple and swings for children, slippery etc. A board showing the history of how Mayadevi originated can be read here at the temple.

Let’s talk about the joy of the journey to Mayadevi temple. Now that Mayadevi is gone, let’s get information about what we will see.

Mayadevi temple: –

This is the first view of the Mayadevi temple, here an attractive gate has been built by the road building department Waghai, Dang district. The registration center is located right next to the gate. Here you can register your vehicle and the number of tourists and get admission by paying the required fee.

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Mayadevi temple
Mayadevi temple

There is a canteen on the left side just inside the entrance. Where you will find hot snacks, tea, cold drinks and meals. Slightly further to the right is the temple of Lord Mahadev Bholenath Shankar. If you come out after visiting Bholanath, you will see the way to Mayadevi temple and dhodh below. This road is very steep. So as to descend carefully. As well as taking special care of children.

As you descend this road, you can see the beauty of Samakantha. Photography can be done very nicely from the road here. You can see the noise of the river and the forest area of ​​Samakantha in the camera. Let me show you a picture so that your visit to this place will be more locked.

Mayadevi temple
Mayadevi temple

There is water in the river during the rainy season and even then till the month of November.

Mayadevi temple The area on the bank of the river: –

During monsoons, it is forbidden to go near dhodh if the water level in the river is high. But if the water level is low, you can see the noise closely.

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History of Mayadevi Temple: –

According to the article at Mayadevi temple, the history of this temple is as follows.

Mayadevi becomes the ashes in Yajna, the daughter of the original origin story Shivpuran Satikhand Daksha. The Himalayas appear at the home of Maharaj Mainadevi. Wanders in the forest to attain Shiva than Tasya. Then Tarakasur is 5 days behind Goddess. Which is hidden in a cliff (cave) on the Purna river in the southern Dang district from the Himalayas in the north. When Tarakasur wanders, Narad says that there is love of God. The goddess should be told that if Taru wants welfare, the idea of ​​getting Mayadevi leaves the plant, saying Mayadevi wanders. The 5th Saptarishis give a message to the Himalayan Mainadevi. To find the daughter, the parents search for the daughter to fight with Shiva. Speaking of Mayadevi Umaiya, one finds the Kandra cave on the river Purna in Gujarat. At present the cave is popular from the place of Tyasyabhu Mayadevi Umaiya. Inside the fort there is a special trinity. In which the idol of Mayadevi Durgamata Shingada is found. She is a very beautiful goddess. Looking at the surrounding villages, one can see the natural beauty of large hills and water springs within the fertile and dense forest. Make life rich by visiting it once.

Other information: –

Behind the temple, one can see the river Purna, the check dam built on it and the water falling from it into the valley. The flow of water from the checkdam over the rocks here is spectacular. The rushing water falls into the valley and flows forward and from there a few steps descend to the valley. There is a small delay of saffron color on one side of the valley. According to the history written in the board, the daughter of the Himalayas, the goddess, fell behind the demon and hid in the rocks of the river Purna here. Finding her, the parents married Shivaji and told the demon to leave Maya. Hence this place is called Mayadevi.

Nearby tourist destinations: –

Mayadevi Temple Falls (Waterfall): –

Mayadevi temple i.e. the cave will be visited only in summer. On monsoon days, this temple (cave) is submerged in water. But most of the tourists come here only in monsoon. The main reason for this is the beautiful noise here. This noise is seen flowing almost throughout the monsoon. 

Mayadevi Temple Waterfall

You may have decided to visit this place after watching a short video showing you a glimpse of Goddess dhodh.

So this was interesting information about Mayadevi Temple and Falls. I hope you like the information about Mayadevi temple very much. If you found this article really useful, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends. And we have given information about many such tourist destinations in our blog. So you must read it. So you can create your tour program properly.

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