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Gira waterfall saputara:- It is monsoon season and why not enjoy the natural springs? Right? And what if waterfalls are found instead of springs? What to ask! Don’t be left without feeling the joy! There are many waterfalls all over India. If these are active only in monsoons and their beauty blossoms, then you should visit the waterfalls in Dang district. One of the waterfalls is very famous – Gira Waterfall. Near Waghai village of Dang district, Khapari river flows into the Ambika river as a waterfall where the Gira waterfall is located. The Ambika river then flows further and meets the Arabian Sea near Bilimora. The height of this waterfall is 25 meters.

On the other hand, there are many small and big waterfalls in Dang, Narmada and Valsad districts in South Gujarat. One of them is Gira Falls at Ambapada in Waghai. The name of Gira waterfall is prominent as the largest and most beautiful waterfall in Gujarat. Gira Falls is a landmark of Dang district. Today let’s know some information about Gira Falls.

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Gira waterfall is a very famous waterfall in Gujarat. This waterfall is located near Waghai village in Dang district of South Gujarat. Here Ambika river itself falls as a waterfall. And flowing further, it meets the Arabian Sea near Belimora. The waterfall falls from a height of about thirty meters.

The idea of ​​a river about 300 meters wide falling from such a height is simply breathtaking, imagine how it would feel if the same phenomenon actually happened in front of your eyes! Gira Falls are river and rainfall dependent so sometimes they appear continuously and when water is scarce they split into smaller falls but both look beautiful. The form of the waterfall looks very beautiful when Khapari river is full in monsoon. During the monsoons, the water in Gira Falls looks cloudy as the water circulates everywhere. The roar of the falls is so loud that you can hear it even from a distance.

Gira waterfall is just 4 km from Waghai. is far away. 2 km on the road from Waghai to Saputara. After going as far, there is a side road leading to the waterfall. Another 2 km on this side road. If we go, we will reach the banks of the river Ambika. Waterfalls can be seen from the shore. The river takes a bend after the falls. Descending from the shore into the sand of the river, a five-minute walk among the rocky boulders reaches the very front of the falls.

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Here it is very fun to stand on the rocks and watch the waterfall and hear the melodious sound of the waterfall. This is a great place to photograph the falls. Don’t risk getting into water. If you land, you will drown or be dragged into the river. In such a situation, there is no question of going to the place where the waterfall falls. It is not possible to make a bathing program by going to this waterfall, life may be at risk.

In monsoon, when there is plenty of water in the Ambika river, this Gira waterfall looks very majestic and raucous. The roar of the waterfall can be heard from a distance. At the place where the waterfall is falling, one does not get into the water, one drowns and is dragged away. Hey! Not even a short distance into the water.

After the falls, the river takes a bend, so one can view the falls by standing on the rocky boulders right in front of the falls. The waterfall looks very beautiful.

Let’s just stand here and see the waterfall and listen to its pathetic sound! From here the photos of the waterfall can be taken nicely. There is a kind of thrill and joy in the mind after seeing the waterfall.

History of the name Gira Waterfalls:-

There is a specific reason behind the name of this gigantic waterfall near Ambapada in Waghai. The name is derived from a river. The Gira river cuts through the forests and mountains of Maharashtra and reaches the Dang. Here, from a high cliff near Abampada, the river flows straight down into the Ambika river.

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This waterfall is known as Gira Dhodh after the name of Gira river itself. A check dam has also been built to stop the water before it falls down as a waterfall. During the monsoon, as the amount of water in the river increases, the check dam overflows and the Gira river falls down in the form of a waterfall and is absorbed into the Ambika. From here the Ambika river meets the Arabian Sea near Bilimora containing many small rivers.

How to reach?

2 km from Waghai in Dang district to Saputara. After going as far, there is a road on the side. This road is 2 km. As you go, you will reach Gira waterfalls. In short, Gira Falls is 4 km from Waghai. is far away

Famous hill station Saputara is 50 km from here. It is a place to see.

Waghai, 150 km from Surat, 400 km from Ahmedabad. And 250 km from Mumbai. is far away Waghai Railway Station is located on the Belimora-Waghai railway line. For accommodation there are hotels in Waghai and Saputara.

Best time to visit:-

Post monsoon till December is the best time to visit this waterfall. Vehicles can go near the falls up to the banks of the river. There are shops selling tea, snacks, corn, toys etc. Nearby is the village of Ambapada, a dense bamboo forest. If Gira Falls is developed, facilities for living, dining and gardens are created in front of the falls, the number of tourists will increase and the income will also increase, and the falls will become known in the world. Gira Falls is truly a must see.

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Different products of bamboo:-

The entire region of Dang is surrounded by bamboo forest. Abundant bamboo grows in the bamboo forest on both sides of the river around Gira Falls. Bamboo creates employment for the locals here. Tribals have been making various items from bamboo for years. At Gira Falls you will find a few stalls selling such beautiful bamboo products. Many items of home decoration including vases, cups, small and big baskets made of bamboo will be found here. After a visit to Gira Falls, one is easily delighted to see these bamboo products and even buy them. Apart from that, visitors can also buy nagli papads and bamboo pickles here opportunity is available.

Other attractions nearby:-

If you have time to spare during your visit to Gira Falls, you can also visit other nearby places. Some of these places and their distance from Gira Falls are something like this.

  1. Waghai Botanical Garden : 2 Kms
  2. Vansda National Park : 6 Kms
  3. Janki Forest : 24 kms
  4. Unai : 30 kms
  5. Mayadevi : 33 km
  6. Saputara : 50 km

So who are you waiting for? Get ready for a visit to Gira Falls and also don’t miss the scenic spots around it!

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