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Don Hill Station :- Who doesn’t love to go for walks? Everyone likes it. Nowadays, human beings cannot enjoy the natural beauty by cutting down forests and building big buildings. That is why as soon as the vacation falls, on Saturdays and Sundays, he takes off with his family for a walk and mostly lands at the hill station of choice. If you live in Gujarat and also in South Gujarat, you don’t have to go far. There are many places of natural beauty in Gujarat.

When it comes to tourism, our Gujarat also has a leading identity. Whether it is the desert of Kutch or the temple of Somnath. Whether it is Dwarka or Sasan Gir. Gujarat has many wonderful places to hang out, where we can relax and enjoy holidays with family or friends. If we talk about the hill station, the first two names that come to mind are Saputara and Abu. But very few people know that there is only one hill station in our Gujarat that can compete with these two hill stations. The name of this hill station is Don, which is located on the border of Ahwa in Gujarat and Nashik district in Maharashtra.

Discover the Delights of Don Hill Station: A Comprehensive Guide to Amenities and Activities

LocationLocated in Dangs, on the border of Ahwa in Gujarat and Nashik district in Maharashtra
Altitude1070 meters above sea level
Distance from Ahwa38 km
Distance from Surat150 km
Nearby Hill StationSaputara (50 km away)
Best Time to VisitMonsoon (18 flowing springs enhance the natural beauty)
TrekkingPopular activity due to the high and low slopes
Tribal CultureInfluenced by the tribal community and culture of the area
Origin of NameNamed after Guru Dronacharya’s ashram, which was near Ahalya mountain. The region was known as Drona and later became Dawn.
Other AttractionsAnjani mountain and kund (birthplace of Hanumanji), Pandava cave, Shivling worshiped as ‘Swayambhu Shivling’, temple of Hanumanji
Road to Don Hill StationScenic and well-built with winding and thrilling trails
Tourist InfluxWitnessing a huge influx of tourists during the Diwali vacation, popular among tourists from Ahmedabad, Surat, Navsari.

Hill station ‘Don’ is a hidden treasure of natural beauty in Gujarat. Dawn Hill Station in Dangs is a beautiful place in the heart of nature, just 30 kilometers from Ahwa.

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Don Hill Station
Don Hill Station weather Photos

Don Hill Station At an altitude of 1070 m

Located in Dangs, this hill station is located in the Sahyadri range. The height of Don Hill Station is 1070 meters, which is also 100 meters higher than Saputara. The Maharashtra border is only 3 kilometers away from this hill station. So you can also travel to Maharashtra via Don. Unknown so far this hill station has become popular among tourists over the last few years. This is also known as a historical place. The place is also influenced by tribal culture. Dawn Hill Station is located in Ahwa, Gujarat.

Don village is 38 km away from Ahwa, which is 17 meters high and 10 times larger than Saputara. The Sahyadri range has pleasant heights, green slopes, rivers, springs. That’s why Don Hill Station is a great option for enjoying nature.

Thrilling roads

The fun of walking on the hill station has its thrilling trails. The fun of getting to the top is different from the roads that offer thrills. The access roads to Don Hill Station are also winding and breathtaking. Even in this, if you reach the beginning of monsoon, the flowing springs from above fill the atmosphere with thrill and romance.

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The road to Don Hill Station is scenic, and you will see greenery all around you. The road is clean and well built, so a trip to Don Hill Station is an excellent drive for those who want to experience it. Don Hill is about 150 km from Surat. The distance between Don and Saputara is about 50 km.

Don Hill Station
Don Hill Station

The best time to visit Don Hill Station is the monsoon. The beauty of this hill station is enhanced by the eighteen flowing springs due to the mountainous area. And the lush green forest is a delight. There is also a place where springs are anointed on the spontaneous Shivling.

Can tracking

Even if you are fond of trekking, Don Hill Station is an excellent place. Due to the high and low slopes, people also flock here for trekking.

Enjoy traditional tribal culture

Dang is a predominantly tribal area. The population of the tribal community is higher here. So you can learn something new by looking at their accommodation, their home, their food.

This is how Dawn got its name

The story of how this hill station in Dangs got its name is also interesting. People say that Guru Dronacharya’s ashram was near Ahalya mountain here. Rama, Sita and Lakshmana came here during the Ramayana period. From the name of Guru Dronacharya, this region came to be known as Drona. Later, with the arrival of the British, the name of this region also changed. Drona was corrupted and became Dawn.

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There is also a relationship with Hanumanji

There is also the Anjani mountain and the kund, which is also called the birthplace of Hanumanji. Here mother Anjani worshiped Shivaji, due to which there is also a Shivling here. Not only this, the footsteps of Lord Rama and Mother Sita and the Pandava cave on the lower part of the hill are also found here. The beauty of wonderful nature can be seen here. The springs flow down from the mountain and anoint the Shivling worshiped as ‘Swayambhu Shivling’. There is also a temple of Hanumanji near this Shiva temple.

After Girimathak Saputara, Don Hill Station is currently witnessing a huge influx of tourists during the Diwali vacation. Don village is located in the eastern strip of Dang district at a distance of 25 km from the district headquarters Ahwa. This hill station has even higher elevations than the hills of Saputara. Don Hill Station is therefore the first choice of tourists after Saputara.

Tourists from Ahmedabad, Surat, Navsari are visiting

As the lockdown eases, a large number of tourists from Ahmedabad, Surat and Navsari are coming here. While Dawn Hill Station is currently being developed as a tourist destination, the immense scenery like Saputara is attracting tourists here. Tourists are taking photos and selfies on the high and beautiful hills.

Dawn Hill Station is located in Dangs, Gujarat. Saputara Hills is the second hill station in the area. Tourists consider Don Hill Station to be one of the lesser known but best tourist destinations in Gujarat.

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Experience Don Hill Station

Reaching the top of the hill station is an easy trek and easy enough if you have any trekking experience. A small walking trail Which takes you to the top of the hill station. Even when you go to the top you get a beautiful view of the green hilly area. Like every mountainous area, the sky is clear and clear, so you get an excellent view. At the top of the hill station, there is a sculpture of a bird.

When you come down, if the weather is perfect, you will see a small ditch and a waterfall. The best time to visit Don Hill Station is during the monsoon. This is the time when the weather is pleasant, the surrounding area bathes in greenery, and you will see various waterfalls, rivers on the road.

Don Hill Station
Don Hill Station

Compared to other hill stations in Mumbai and Pune area, Don Hill station is a smooth track. However, keep in mind that there are no restaurants or hotels nearby, so you should plan on taking food and drinks that you may need. Throughout your journey, you will see many houses scattered on the sidewalk. Dawn Hill Station is one of the most beautiful places in Gujarat. Cleanliness, empty roads and natural beauty are things that citizens have never seen.

If you are planning to visit Dawn Hill Station, keep in mind that there are no restaurants or hotels nearby. The road to the hill station passes through some villages, so there is no substitute for the kind of food that is available in urban areas. Also, there is no shelter on the way to the hill station, so plan to pack sunglasses, a hat and everything else you need to protect yourself from the sun.

Don has something for everyone. Trekkers and nature lovers come here regularly to witness the rich biodiversity. Cyclists and trekkers love to trek to caves and hills. Also, nature photographers love to spend time here, capturing clear skies, greenery. Because the area is rich in grass and trees, it is also home to many birds, insects and other forms of animal life.

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You will be able to spend almost all of your mornings and some of your afternoons at Don Hill Station. Since there is no shelter, all you can do is take some photographs of the valley below from the top of the hill and marvel at the bird statue. There is no recommendation to take this track during the hot summer of Gujarat. Also, when the track is smooth and not too steep, make sure you wear appropriate footwear and pants or trousers that cover your feet. Dawn, like other places with natural greenery, is a haven for insects that bite. You never know which plants are poisonous in natural greenery or will leave you with the slightest bruise.

Places near Don Hill Station

There are other places near Don Hill station, such as Saputara, another hill station. However, you will need a whole weekend to visit both of these places, as Saputara is also a hill station, and you will need a day to reach and return to the top.

Other places nearby are Mahal Eco Campsite, Mayadevi Waterfall, Pandav Caves and Gira Waterfall. All of these locations are within an hour of Dawn Hill Station.

There are no options to stay at Don Hill Station, so you have to arrange in Surat or Saputara, whichever is possible for you. There are many hotels in Saputara and also in Surat. In Saputara, you have places like Strawberry Hills and Hotel Kansar Palace that offer rooms for around 1500 per night.

After that, you have other places like Surati Cottage, which offer their rooms for around Rs.1000 per night. In Surat, you have places like OYO Relax that offer its rooms at around Rs 1000 per night. Surat is a business and tourist hub and busier than Saputara, so you have the opportunity to get a room there at a cheaper rate. However, Surat is about 150 KM away from Dawn, so you have to go farther.

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Q-1. Where is Don in Gujarat?

Located in Dangs, this hill station is located in the Sahyadri range. The height of Don Hill Station is 1070 meters, which is also 100 meters higher than Saputara.

Q-2. How to reach Don Hill Station?

To reach Don from anywhere, you either have to take public transport or rent a private vehicle. Surat is well connected with other cities and towns of Gujarat. Surat railway station is an important port, and many routes connect Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and other such cities. Also, Surat is well connected by roadways. , And you can take either a state bus or any private bus that takes you from the place to Surat.

Q-3. don hill station hotels

There are no options to stay at Don Hill Station, so you have to arrange in Surat or Saputara, whichever is possible for you. There are many hotels in Saputara and also in Surat.


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