Tarnetar no Melo (Taranetar Fair) 2023

Tarnetar no melo (Taranetar fair) : As soon as the name of the fair is mentioned, the minds of all, young and old, start to stir. Young hearts are excited. A fair is not only entertainment but also a factor in exposing the folk culture of the area. Many fairs are held in our country of India. Each has its own unique feature.

One such fair is held in the state of Gujarat in India, which is also known as the ‘Bhatigaal fair’, which is aTarnetar no melo (Fair). A Tarnetar no melo (Fair) is where people come and go on their own accord – a fair means a gathering. Society of saints, relatives, friends and companions. Everyone moves, enjoys and finally part ways saying ‘see you again’ on the final day.

This temple has been declared a protected site by the Department of Archaeology.

Traditions of Tarnetar no melo (Fair):-

This fair is held every year on the third, fourth and fifth days of Bhadrava sud in the presence of Trinetreshwar Mahadev in Taranetar village, eight kilometers away from Thangarh village in Surendranagar district. This is a tradition established by the saints of Panchal which has been going on for 200 years. The Taranetar fair is the fruit of the sacraments which the saints have imparted in connecting the holy places of pilgrimage with the human society.

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The Taranetar fair is held on the fourth, fifth and sixth tithi days of the Sud Paksha month of Bhadrava. People of all ages gather and enjoy this fair on these three days.

In this fair, shepherd boys and girls perform ‘Hunda’. So Koli women play ‘Tali Raas’.

Tarnetar no melo
Tarnetar no melo

History of the Tarnetar no melo (Fair):-

Sadhu Saints are responsible for the initiation of the fair. Trinetreshwar Mahadev temple is situated in this village. Many years ago, people from the surrounding villages of Taranetar village, accompanied by monks, saints, devotees and servants, would travel to Taranetar on horseback or on foot. All through the night everyone gathered together and got engrossed in bhajan and music. You never know when it will be morning.

In the morning, the Sangh would prepare back and travel ahead. Thus, everyone reached this place of Thangarh on the fourth day after leaving their place. Climbing here. Then all the swimmers reached. After a fifty-two-yard procession to the temple of Taranetar Mahadev, the fair would start formally. Even today, the flag hoisting ceremony is completed by the hands of Shri Paliyad Mahantasaheb.

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Here you will find two banks of rivers, gushing picturesque springs – seeming to indicate the presence of rain. Lakes overflowing with water due to rain, acacias, bordi and khakhars growing everywhere, banyans, neems and pipals giving relief from the heat and cooling the eyes will captivate your mind. The smell of the soil here is mind-blowing. A trail through hills and cliffs leads directly to the fair!

Tarnetar no melo
Tarnetar no melo

Religious History of the Temple:-

Myth 1:-

According to religious belief, Rati worshiped Lord Shankar for twelve years and got back the burnt Kamadeva as her husband as a boon from Lord Shankar. As this is the land of their union, there is a folklore that this Trinetreshwar temple of Shivaji was built by Rati. That is why work disorder is not seen here. On the contrary, there will be an increase in work.

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Myth 2:-

This temple was built in the tenth century. The style of this temple is Gurjar Pratihara style. People living in and around Kanoj migrated and entered Saurashtra in the 8th century. He named this region Panchal and he built this temple. Here Draupadi’s Swayamvar was formed and Arjuna fished where Tulsikyara is now.

This temple was built by Mandhata, the son of Suryavanshi royal Yuvanashwa of Ayodhya. e. S. In 1902, Rajvi Karan Singhji of Lakhtar renovated it by spending 50000 rupees in memory of his daughter Sundarba.

Myth 3:-

While worshiping Shivaji, instead of a thousand lotuses, only 999 lotuses came out, Brahmaji offered one of his eyes to Shivaji.

Myth 4:-

Here, Mahadev gave a boon to Kanwarishi that by bathing in this tank and worshiping me, those who give pind dan will get their parents salvation.

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Modernity of the fair:-

A modern-day swimmer’s fair

Like other events, the Tarnetar no melo (Fair) also seems to have a touch of modernity. Modern cafes and food stalls will be seen. Along with this, you will also get to enjoy the wonderful combination of old traditions – Ravatis, Diaras.

At present village level Olympics are held in the fair, in which along with ancient games many games like car chase, horse racing, camel competitions, ladu eating, matladod are held, which are another attraction of the fair.

Written by:- Mrs. Snehal Rajan Jani

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