Padamdungari Eco Tourism Campsite

padamdungari eco tourism is about 30 km from Vyara town and Unai is the next 8 km and the campsite. It is situated on the banks of the river Ambika amidst the Sahyadri hills. Tracks, trails, uphill and downhill treks, sunset work, tower-free Avadhudlands and sage groves are the suggested attractions when you visit Padamdungari eco tourism.

The scenic site has dense, storied habitats, genetic diversity, rocky, undulating and rich landscapes. Personality includes giants, canines, herbivores, birds, reptiles, natural animals. The Ambika River, with its undulating confluence, notes in favor, some areas of the site, nearby are bods of lush and healthy natural life. This is perfect for its stream side cottages, best set up camp climate and picturesque atmospheric Raj. She has probably fled from Surat, the highest peak of hope.

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Campsites include tourist huts, reception rooms, other features/facilities, nature trails, good arochas and exposure to local people. Nearby sightseeing visits like Chand-Surya, Ui Hot Springs and Ghusmai Temples, Waghai Botanical Garden, Timber Workshop, Vansada National Park and Shabri are also possible. Activities like tubing, rafting, floating etc. can also be organized on the Ambika river.

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Padamdungari eco tourism Available Presented:-

  • Orientation Center
  • 2 AC and 8 Non AC cottages
  • Tent accommodation with separate toilet and toilet facilities
  • Separate area for campfire
  • A chance to see the landscape and wild life
  • A small southern center for soldier wildlife
  • A completely safe cafeteria or restaurant that serves amazing food.
  • For large social events and gatherings amphitheater.
  • Individuals find lodging accommodation and more for solo travelers.
  • Screens and separate rooms, both AC and non-AC.
  • Tent with proper clean toilet and toilet exchange.
  • Orientation Center to meet and brief you about Campplay.
  • Separate kitchen and banquet spaces.
  • Bamboo and bamboo huts and high places offer great beauty for watching the natural life.
Padamdungari Eco Tourism
Padamdungari Eco Tourism

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Directions to visit:-

  • Be sure to visit the Orientation Center first before you start at the campsite as it will give you a good idea of ​​what you will be experiencing during your stay.
  • Most of these eco campsites use electricity that uses solar energy, so please use your faith.
  • No smoking of any kind (cigarette butts have fire inside).
  • No flags or garish pictures. Don’t break the party if the photo lapses between areas of trees; Adjust the camera accordingly.
  • Do not carry any portable system or sound generating device with you and turn it off if you continue.
  • Picking plants or insects is prohibited at any location; Do not remove any of the battlements or sanctuaries.
  • Do not change any fast movements to rate wildlife.
  • Do not try to get too close to the creature.
  • No pets should accompany you.
  • There is no waste. Garbage should be disposed of in a proper manner only.
  • No row equipment or other weapons should be taken, nor used.
Padamdungari Eco Tourism
Padamdungari Eco Tourism

How to equal?

By road:-

The park comes close to National Highway number 8 and is bisected by the Waghai-Vansada State Highway. The nearest town is Waghai, which is 4 km away. It is 28 km from Ahwa, 40 km from Belimora and 60 km from Saputara. Exploring the area is easiest by private, but public transportation is available, albeit infrequently.

There are buses from Surat, Belimora and Valsadi to Vansada next and from there you can pay Rs. 50/- can hire a jeep for the park. There is nothing suitable near Vansada, but you can also get a cab from Surat, Belimora or Valsadi. Ahawa by ST bus, the main of the district and on a leader from where the climb to Waghai Saputara starts, is the most suitable for everyone in Dang.

By railway:-

The nearest railway station is Waghai. A narrow gauge rail link connecting Ahva to Beemora runs through the park, but check to see if it’s still there when you arrive. Currently this narrow gauge rail is made eco friendly. It will give a different thrill.

By air:-

The nearest one by air is in Surat, which is 120 km away.

Other Information:-

Padam Dungar consists of full of cabins filled with offices, descriptions for cases, to prepare completely such as whose spaces and amphitheaters and so on encampment likewise includes things like fire, tubing, drifting, bow, paddling, aviri jivan mane and etc. is Apart from that, you can visit some of the famous ones nearby, including Chand-Surya, Unai Hot Springs, Ghusmai Sanctuary, Wood Workshop, Waghai Ancient House, Vansda National Park and Shabri.

Best time to visit:-

The best opportunity to visit Padamdungari eco tourism is during one of the long periods from October to March, for example winter and sports, when the whole world and public.

Gujarat’s first ‘single use plastic ecotourism centre’ Welcome and we hope you enjoy your stay in the midst of nature on the banks of the Ambika River. We request you to go through the rules:

As per government guidelines, travelers have to produce vaccination certificates or RTPC test reports for Covid-19.

Noise pollution by using loud speakers or any gadget will not be allowed in the centre

Travelers carrying single use plastic items such as water bottles (PET), cold drinks bottles, wafer packets, plastic dishes, thermocol dishes or any other items that fall under the category of ‘single use plastic’ are not allowed entry.

To ensure that not a single used plastic item enters the ecotourism center, your luggage or bag will be checked by staff prior to check-in.

Consuming alcohol or any drug inside the center is strictly prohibited and strictly enforced

Padamdungari eco tourism Center falls under reserved forest, so all terms and conditions related to forests will be applicable.

During any rare circumstances, when we have to cancel your booking (for any government related activity), you will get a 100% refund.

Official Website : https://padamdungari.in/

Other attractions nearby:-

If you have time to spare during your visit to Padamdungari eco tourism, you can also visit other nearby places. Some of these places and their distance from Padamdungari eco tourism are something like this.

Written by:- Mrs. Snehal Rajan Jani


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