Nadabet temple | Nadabet border (Seema Darshan)

Nadabet border :- India is a country with different cultures and different histories. There are many places in India that have a lot of historical significance, but very few people know about them. Today I am going to take you all to visit one such place.

This village is located on the India – Pakistan border. Also here is the headquarters of the Indian Border Security Force. The famous temple of Goddess Nadeshwari is located here. Yes, you got it right. I am talking about Nadabet in Sui village of Banaskantha.

Nadabet border (Seema Darshan Project) :-

At the Nadabet border, the countrymen can visit the border and efforts are being made to develop the area as a tourist destination. It is to be noted that there is a possibility that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate this demarcation project. In this regard, the DIG of BSF said that a special invitation would be extended to the Prime Minister for the inauguration. It is to be noted that Seema Darshan project has been prepared at a cost of over  ₹100 crore. The tourism department and deloped the Seema Darshan project.

The Nadabet border is undergoing multiple developments as a tourist destination. Work has been completed on the arrival plaza for tourists, parking arrangements, auditorium retaining wall and drinking water facility as well as toilet blocks.

nadabet border
nadabet border

The installation of 14 solar trees to illuminate the Nadabet tourist destination with solar energy was undertaken in the Seemadarshan-Border Tourism Project. Surface-to-surface missiles, surface-to-air missiles, 55 tanks, artillery guns, torpedoes, wing drop tanks and Mig-27 Has been displayed.

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Going to our country wakes us up day and night for our security so that we can sleep peacefully. These grandsons of the country also sacrifice their lives for the country. Talking about such warriors, if our chests swell, how much fun would it be to see their work place and enjoy their parade?

Wagah Border of Gujarat:-

This place can also be called Wagah Border in Gujarat. In Seema Darshan of Nadabet village of Banaskantha, you will see an atmosphere similar to Wagah Border.

Nada Bat – Seema Darshan:-

From 24th December 2016, a joint retreat parade of BSF was started by Gujarat Tourism and Border Security Force in Seema Darshan program at Nadabet border like Wagah Border. In this Seema Darshan you will see the bravery and patriotism of the BSF jawans who will make your hair stand on end. This is the only place in Gujarat where we have the privilege of seeing the courage of our brave soldiers who never sank in the face of the setting sun.

Fusion band and camel riding are the attractions here.

The main attraction here is the BSF Retreat Ceremony which people from all over the country flock to Nada Bat to see. Along with this, the fusion band and the camel riding games are being lauded. You will also find a display of weapons at the BSF camp, a photo gallery and a documentary on the heroism of the BSF personnel.

The Seema Darshan program is held here on Saturdays and Sundays between 5 and 6 pm

This Seema Darshan program is held every Saturday and Sunday between 5 and 6 pm but we have to reach at 5 o’clock so that the parade of soldiers can be seen up close. Now, if you have gone so far, you have to take photos and post them on Facebook and Instagram! So it is also convenient here. 3 towers have been erected for taking selfies in the desert where you can take cool selfies.

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Every year on the occasion of Rakshabandhan festival, girls and women from all over Gujarat send Rakhadi for the Javans. Also, they go there face to face and tie Rakhees. Going in return the Javans promises to protect them.

Ancient Temple of Goddess Nadeshwari:

The temple of Nadeshwari Mata is located at Nadabet in the vast desert of Banaskantha district on the India-Pakistan International Border. 20 km from Suigam of Vav taluka. Nadabet, a military base near the remote village of Jaloya, is a center of worship for millions of people. There is an ancient temple of Nadeshwari Mata right next to the BSF camp. Mother Nadeshwari is worshiped not only in Gujarat but all over the country as the mother of security.

Nadabet temple
Nadabet temple

History of the temple: –

The history of Rakshak Devi is unique. According to a legend, when King Navadhan of Junagadh with his large military convoy invaded his sister Jasal to free him from the captivity of the Muslim king of Sindh. This Charan Kanya is worshiped as Shri Nadeshwari Mataji. There are several bat islands in the Kutch desert, of which Nadabet is a historically ancient bat.

In addition Nadeshwari Mata was visited by Indian Army officers during the India – Pakistan war in 1971 and Mataji’s leaflets did not explode the enemy’s cannonballs. This will probably be the only temple in India where Mataji’s Seva, Aarti, Archana and Pooja are performed by no priest but by BSF Javan himself.

Mataji has a unique history of parcha and vaibhav. Emerging from the vast expanse of desert, soldiers and devotees guarding Mabhom, this desert island is an auspicious combination of devotion and strength. Every year a large number of visitors come from far and wide to Nadabet border. Thousands of pilgrims flock to this fair every year on the day of Chaitra Sud Nom.

Major attractions at Nadabet:-

  • Smarak Darshan
  • Short film
  • Sarhad Gatha Museum
  • Art Gallery
  • Kids Play Area
  • Toy Train
  • Sovenier shop
  • AV Experience zone
  • Adventure Activities at Nadabet
  • Paintball
  • Rocket Ejector
  • Rope adventure
  • Zipline
  • Free Fall
  • Rock Climbing
  • Rappelling
  • Giant swing
  • Meltdown
  • Bungee Basket
  • Rann safari

Latest about Nadabet:- 

As per the latest guidelines of Nadabet this place remain closed on Monday and Parade is not performing. There is no Entry fees or Permit charges.

BSF bus is not available  to take T point to 0 Point. So the visitors have to reach to Zero point from T Point with their own vehicle.

Visitors can drive the car/vehicle to the T Junction or Nadabet Dwar or Famous Nadeshwari Mandir. Here lots of activities and things have been developed for the tourist. BSF bus will take from T Junction to Zero point with a Valid Identity proof holder.

Visitors can see Pakistan from 150 meters from Zero point and get goosebumps and proud feelings by knowing the achievements of the BSF and their working styles.


After seeing all this, there is a Dharamshala for overnight stay, where you can stay at a nominal cost and if you want to stay in a hotel, you have to travel 85 km to Tharad or 50 km to Bhabhar.

The special thing is that only 600 people are allowed to visit here in a day, so get your pass by booking on an earlier basis.

Travel expenses:-

For a family of 4 people, the car fare for 530 km from Ahmedabad will be  ₹6,000 to ₹9,000, one day stay will be around  ₹2,500 to ₹5,000 and one day meal will cost ₹2000 to ₹3000. Grab it and if you go to Nadabet border with your family, you will get a total trip of ₹ 12,000 to ₹16,000.

Even though this is a vast desert, Nadabet was very popular before independence. Plenty of rocks. Jagirdars and Maldharis lived here. Natural springs were flowing. In times of famine, people used to go to Sindh region for labour, paying homage to Goddess Nadeshwari and offering prasadi. At present Gaushala is also located next to the temple of Nadeshwari Mataji. In addition to the BSF camp, there is also a border outpost. Where recently special arrangements have been made by the government for Seema Darshan.

The battlefield of Nadabet is the guardian goddess of the country and many saints have performed penance on this land. That is why it is called Holy Tapobhumi. At present, the number of tourists is declining due to the Corona virus epidemic. Vavna MLA Ganiben Thakore said that there are big places in Gujarat as other tourist destinations. Where every year many tourists from Gujarat and outside Gujarat come here to enjoy. If the Nadeshwari temple located in the border area of ​​Banaskantha district is also taken as a tourist destination and if it is developed then it is likely to become a big place for tourists in the near future.

BSF jawan and priest Anjan Pandey says of the temple, “No one came to the desert area for worship. So for years only the soldiers who have been protecting the country have been worshiping in this temple. ‘

According to the trustee of the temple, Harji Rajput, this is an old mythical temple, formerly a small dera. His father was the sarpanch. They developed here. A food court and an inn have been opened here. People from other states including Surat and Ahmedabad also come here for darshan.

Trustee, Bawabhai Chaudhary says of the temple, “During the Indo-Pakistani war, our army was victorious with the blessings of Mataji. Swami Sachchidanandji visited during the time of drought and since then the place has been developing.

How to reach:

By plane

Ahmedabad Airport is 225 km from Nadabet. Is.

By train

Palanpur JN Railway Station is 144 km from Nadabet. Is. However, Abu Road railway station is also 222 km. Nadabet border is nearby.

By road

It is 117 km west of the district headquarters Palanpur. came. 200 km from the state capital Gandhinagar. Nadabet is bounded on the south by Bhabhar taluka, on the east by Tharad taluka, on the east by Deyodar taluka, on the east by Kankarej taluka.

Written by: – Mrs. Snehal Rajan Jani

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